"If the pain of your story is not transformed, it will be transmitted." Richard Rohr

Writing a song about pain is a big responsibility because the artist is tasked to turn that experience into something beneficial to the listener. I don’t mean painful songs have to end with an uplifting message. Some of the best songs I know are downers. They’re good songs, though, because they challenge, form a new perspective, or give opportunities to reflect. Otherwise, when songs are written about pain but lack any substance, the artist is simply treating the listener as his/her punching bag—venting the author’s bitterness and transforming it into noise. This is dangerous because the bitterness can potentially manifest into a negative energy or outlook in the listener. The fundamental process of creating art is to turn the mundane (clay, colors, vibrations) into something significant (pottery, paintings, music). Otherwise, you’re just making a mess, not just on the canvas, but on everyone else.