Quick Update

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’m finding that life on tour is not as relaxing as I was hoping. It is this way when you are your own booking agent, manager, webmaster, and road crew.

Most of my time is spent in front of the computer trying to book shows. But when you’ve never toured before, and most people have never heard of you, it’s difficult to produce the draw that most venues are looking for. So far I’ve been getting about 1 show for every 10 venues I contact, which I’ve been told by other touring musicians is actually a pretty good ratio. 

I’m learning a lot about marketing. I’m also learning that no one picks up phones anymore because it’s easier to screen emails. That makes business easier for venues, and I completely understand the strategy. I even outsourced some of the booking to my good friend Brad. After a week, we talked and he said, “Why don’t people ever call back?” To which I replied, “Welcome to my life.” 

So the more I learn, the more the strategy changes to adapt. But even though I’m learning, my brain is still not wired like that of a marketer, business manager, or booking agent. So I’m quickly tiring myself out. 

Fortunately, though, this has not affected my sense of “slowing down” as was the topic of my last post. It is possible to be busy without living in the mindset of haste. This concept is directly discussed in John Ortberg’s Book, Soul Keeping. He uses the term “hurry” to refer to this mindset. 

Even though I’m busy, I still have the capacity to appreciate my surroundings without feeling rushed. 

All that to say, even though things are busy, all is still good with me on the road. Oh, and I promise to write soon!